Storing Smarter Without Making It Harder

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Storing Smarter Without Making It Harder

When it comes to cleaning out your home, there aren't many things more challenging than trying to figure out how to store everything properly without damaging them. I found myself in this situation a few months ago, and I knew that having a clean house wouldn't compare to the joy of being able to go through and enjoy things that were preserved for the long haul. I started doing some research on keeping things safe and clean, and I learned a lot about storing smarter without making things a lot more difficult. This blog is here to help anyone who needs to store to do it better--without making things difficult.

3 Items That You Can Store In A Climate-Controlled Unit

18 March 2021
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Before renting any storage facility, you have to make sure that your items will be safe. And that's what climate-controlled self-storage units bring to the table. These self-storage units are quite different from the standard storage units. They have temperature-controlled mechanisms that work to keep your items in good condition. Such items might be susceptible to damage from high temperatures, especially if exposed for a long time.  Another way of looking at it would be through temperature changes. Read More …

Three Possible Uses For A Storage Unit

23 December 2020
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It's important to make sure you know the rules for renting a storage unit from any facility. However, you may find that you can use a storage unit for a lot of different purposes beyond just storing your household items for a few months. Here are 3 ways you can use a storage unit that you may not have thought of before: A book or magazine storage unit One of the common things that some people end up having too much of in their home is books and magazines. Read More …

How To Pack Your Extra Dishes So They’re Safe In A Self-Storage Facility

17 September 2020
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If you're planning to pack up some of your things and put them in a self-storage facility, you may dread packing dishes. Packing dishes can be tedious since you have to wrap each individual piece, but since dishes and glasses are fragile, it's essential to make sure they're safe in a packing box. Here are some tips for packing and storing dishes in a self-storage unit. Buy Specialty Boxes Made For Dishes Read More …

4 Tips For Storing Dishes And Small Appliances In A Self-Storage Unit

8 June 2020
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If you wish for a more simplified and less cluttered life but your kitchen cabinets are stuffed with dishes and small appliances, you may feel stuck, especially if you don't want to sell or give away any of your belongings. A solution that might work for you is to rent a self-storage unit for keeping your seasonal dish sets and rarely used small appliances out of the way. Here are four tips for storing dishes and kitchen equipment so they are unharmed and ready for use when you need them. Read More …

5 Benefits Of 247 Self-Storage Units

20 September 2019
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Sometimes our homes aren't quite large enough for all of our storage needs. Whether you're a collector, have a lot of excess personal belongings and furniture, or just need a temporary storage solution, investing in 24/7 self-storage may be a good option to consider. These storage solutions can be found all over the country. Here are some of the benefits of 24-hour storage units:  Access Your Unit When it's Convenient for You Read More …