3 Items That You Can Store In A Climate-Controlled Unit

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3 Items That You Can Store In A Climate-Controlled Unit

18 March 2021
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Before renting any storage facility, you have to make sure that your items will be safe. And that's what climate-controlled self-storage units bring to the table. These self-storage units are quite different from the standard storage units. They have temperature-controlled mechanisms that work to keep your items in good condition. Such items might be susceptible to damage from high temperatures, especially if exposed for a long time. 

Another way of looking at it would be through temperature changes. Some items may crack or peel off if the temperatures are constantly changing while in storage. This is why climate control is essential in a storage unit. So, what are the kinds of items to keep in a climate-controlled self-storage unit?   

1. Wooden Antiques and Furniture 

Wooden antiques and furniture pieces are very sensitive to temperature fluctuation. With time, they start deteriorating, both in appearance and quality due to temperature changes. Humidity is also a major contributing factor to this situation. Even the most beautiful pieces of antique structures will start to degrade with poor moisture and temperature control. 

Therefore, they need to be stored under constant humidity and temperature conditions. Climate-controlled self-storage units are ideal for such items. Your favorite antiques and furniture elements will remain in good condition, free of cracks and discoloration for a long time to come.

2. Important Files and Documents 

If you're working from home, renting out a self-storage unit can be a great idea, especially if you need to offload paperwork from your workstation. This way, you get more room to work and have an alternative to store your business documents safely. 

The best way to ensure that your files aren't damaged by humidity and temperature variations is to keep them in a climate-controlled self-storage unit. When moisture gets into contact with your paperwork, degradation occurs, and your documents become virtually unreadable. That makes it impossible for you to access the data in these files in the future. 

3. Valuable Electronics

Excessive moisture in the air poses a significant threat to electrical connections in your electronics. For starters, rust will form around the points of contact, often impacting how your devices perform. 

This can be a considerable disadvantage, especially if the devices are of great value to you. Climate-controlled self-storage units are designed to rid you of such problems with your electronic gadgets. You get a better alternative to storing these devices in your basement or attic. That is where you are likely to have problems with temperatures and humidity. 

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