How To Pack Your Extra Dishes So They're Safe In A Self-Storage Facility

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How To Pack Your Extra Dishes So They're Safe In A Self-Storage Facility

17 September 2020
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If you're planning to pack up some of your things and put them in a self-storage facility, you may dread packing dishes. Packing dishes can be tedious since you have to wrap each individual piece, but since dishes and glasses are fragile, it's essential to make sure they're safe in a packing box. Here are some tips for packing and storing dishes in a self-storage unit.

Buy Specialty Boxes Made For Dishes

You can buy boxes for dishes, and it's worth buying them to ensure your dishes are safe while transporting, handling, and storing. You can buy quilted dish covers for dust protection and safety, but these are usually soft and not ideal for stacking. Instead, buy a dish barrel box with a matching cell kit.

A dish barrel has double walls so it's sturdier than a typical cardboard box. The cell kit that goes inside divides the box so you can keep glasses and dishes apart so they don't scratch or crack when jostling against each other.

Wrap Individual Pieces

Buy packing paper for wrapping the dishes before putting them in the box. You can also use wadded packing paper for cushioning and to separate plates. Once dishes are wrapped, place them in the box standing on their sides rather than stacking them on top of each other.

Pad the bottom, sides, and tops of the box with crumpled paper, packing peanuts, or airbags for added protection. Don't fill the box too full or the excess weight might cause the box to fail. Tape the seams closed for extra protection, and make sure the top is flat when the box is closed so the boxes can stack safely.

Stack On A Shelf Or Pallet

You can pack sturdy boxes of dishes on top of each other as long as the boxes are stable. You could also stack the boxes on a shelf so you don't have to stack them more than two high. If you don't use shelves, put a pallet or other protection on the floor so the cardboard boxes don't have to rest on concrete and draw in moisture.

When your dishes are packed properly and sealed in boxes, they should be in perfect shape when you take them out of your self-storage unit. You may want to wash the dishes before using them after getting them out of storage, especially if you wrapped them in newspapers rather than packing paper.

Keep your boxes for storing seasonal dishes and extra sets, so you'll always have extra dishes handy, but not taking up room in your kitchen.

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