Tips For Properly Storing Your Christmas Tree

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Tips For Properly Storing Your Christmas Tree

24 February 2017
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When you take your Christmas tree down sometime in January, it's ideal to think about storing it in a storage unit if you have one. In your garage or basement, your disassembled tree can arguably be one of the largest items you need to store, which can take up valuable floor space and leave you with a shortage of available room for other items that you may need to use more often. Storing your tree in your storage unit from January until November or December means that it will be out of the way but easy to retrieve in time for next holiday season. In order to ensure that your tree remains in pristine condition while it's stored, here are some tips to employ.

Invest In A Proper Storage Box

You might use the cardboard box that the tree came in year after year, but it's common for this box to be in poor condition after a few years of use. A semi-broken box won't provide adequate storage for your tree, so it's a better idea to invest in a proper storage box or bag. These receptacles are available in different sizes and have various designs. Some have hard sides and others have soft sides, but they all offer you the ability to securely close the box or bag to keep your tree safe.

Remove All Of The Decorations

It may seem enticing to leave at least some of the decorations on your tree before you pack it away, given that this will speed up the process. However, leaving decorations in place may put them at risk of getting damaged during storage or when you transport your boxed tree to the storage unit. Glass ornaments, in particular, are extremely fragile and can break with just a small amount of pressure. It's better to remove each decoration before you disassemble and pack up the tree.

Don't Rush The Loading Process

Taking down your Christmas decorations isn't as exciting as putting them up, which means that you may be tempted to rush the process. It's important to be slow and careful when you're packing your tree into its box, though. If you complete this task in a hurried manner, you may bend some of the branches awkwardly. Over 10 or more months of sitting in this position, the branches may be irreparably bent and damaged by the time you retrieve the tree. It's better to lay each segment of the tree gently in the box and make sure no branches are bent.