Making Your Storage Unit Unattractive To Theives

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Making Your Storage Unit Unattractive To Theives

28 October 2016
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If you have several items you wish to place into storage, you may be a bit concerned about their well-being, as you will not be able to check on them constantly. While most self-storage facilities have security enhancements in place to help keep their customers' belongings safe, it is always a good idea to take a few steps of your own to decrease the chance of them being stolen when you are not in sight. Here are some tips you can use to make the interior of your storage unit seem unattractive to those looking to make out with a profitable haul from contents not belonging to them.

Keep Some Disarray In Your Unit

Most people will place their belongings in neat rows and stacks inside of their storage unit. While this is beneficial in allowing you to get to items quickly when needed, it will also be helpful for thieves to do the same. Keeping some haphazard items inside of your unit will make someone peering in think twice about entering. They will most likely be afraid they will knock something down or get trapped in an area with a lot of items for longer than they wish. This could lead to someone seeing them trying to steal, minimizing the appeal of going inside your unit altogether.

Place Boring Items In View Of The Entryway

If a thief manages to get their way through the door of your storage unit, they will most likely do a quick assessment of the contents before going in to try taking something. If the items inside appear not to hold any value, they will move on to another target. Placing boring items within view of the doorway can be very beneficial in making thieves believe you have an entire storage unit full of junk. Old clothing, books, kitchen ware, or children's toys can be placed in boxes or bins and labeled appropriately. Since these are items anyone can pick up relatively for an inexpensive price, they will most likely remain safe and sound in your unit.

Trick Thieves Into Thinking Treasures Are Trash

It is a good idea to place items of value inside containers near the back of your unit so they are less likely to make their way into the hands of a thief. It is also a good idea to hide them among ordinary items so they are less likely to be found. Place important paperwork inside a box of old paperbacks, wrap jewelry inside old socks and toss them in a box with other clothing items, and keep your coin or stamp collection underneath a stack of dishes or plastic cups. Thieves who rummage through boxes or bins will most likely take a glance inside at the contents and move on to other areas as a result.