Do You Need Every Storage Facility Feature?

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Do You Need Every Storage Facility Feature?

27 October 2016
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Some people need a simple place to throw a bag of clothes, old papers, and old furniture. Others may need security for something cherished or needed, but they simply don't have enough space. You'll need to evaluate your needs before signing up for any old storage unit service, but you need to understand everything the particular facility has to offer first. Before paying top dollar for a place to keep your old Thundercats pajamas, here's a few features to watch for just in case you need them.

Security Options For Storage Facilities

Although there are multiple security options across different facilities, the main difference is whether your chosen storage facility is indoor or outdoor.

Outdoor facilities have less security on average because there's not as much physical security when compared to an indoor facility. An indoor facility can always build up to the specifications of a better outdoor facility's features, but an outdoor facility is without walls to separate passersby.

The best outdoor facility security would be a gated, fenced-in layout with security guards at the entry point. It's still reasonably easy for a thief to scale the fence, and the biggest problem is knowing who is or isn't supposed to be in the facility. Especially with outdoor facilities near neighborhoods, anyone could technically have a reason to be in the area unless security is active.

Avoid outdoor facilities that lack fencing. Even if your belongings are basic clothes that you just don't feel like giving away, it's just too easy for a thief to act as a casual passerby. Even with cameras, a night time stroll in dark clothes can make the theft relatively simple.

For indoor facilities, ask to see the security tapes. It's not enough to have cameras up as a deterrent; you'll want to know that the cameras are always recording and that you'll have a way to request working copies of footage in case of break-in.

Climate Control Options

Depending on how sensitive your belongings are, you may want different levels of air conditioning, humidity control, and maybe even a chill setting.

If you have any fine linens, old documents, or untreated furniture, humidity needs to be controlled. Fabrics and wood grains can be stained due to humidity, and if your area happens to have a lot of pollution in the air, the staining can take on a much more dingy appearance. Air conditioning can be a good, basic level of humidity control, but if you want to be sure, get a dehumidifier.

Dehumidifiers are rated for certain room sizes. If the storage units are too big for the dehumidifier, moisture won't be removed from the air as effectively, meaning there will still be some level of humidity that could be a problem. You'll want to speak with a dehumidifier manufacturer to get the proper specifications, and be sure to give sizes for the storage facilities that you're interested in.

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